Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last Titration

Dear Lucy,

Well, here goes nothing. It's time for me to start my last titration. Now I will be taking 90mg of my tolvaptan in the morning, but my evening dose stays at 30mg. I'm going to the bathroom once an hour, sometimes twice. Not often though. I am waking up in the night to pee maybe 3 times, but thirst is waking me up 5 or more times. I believe this is the highest dose they prescribe of tolvaptan. Mommy may need to borrow a diaper! Haha! I love you sweet girl!




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  2. Hello Jamie,

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  3. Hi Jamie. I'm researching a little more about PKD my brother was hospitalized 5 days ago, the doctors found that he have PKD, his kidney are not working right. He started dialysis three days ago, He is just 35 years old. Is tolvaptan working with you?


    Rosa C